Handmade products from recycled surf, windsurf and kitesurf gear.

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About Us

A waterman spirit, a life by the sea, a strong environmental awareness and the respect for the ocean constitute the story behind WindWallet.


WindWallet is about giving a second life to old or damaged surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing materials. After many years in watersports, we realised that boards, wetsuits, sails and kites are made with such good materials with endless recycling possibilities. By recycling them, we attempt to escape from the current context of consumer society and create alternatives to plastic for the implementation of simple day to day products.




Bernardo Valdez


He is the guy making the products behind WindWallet. He was born and raised in Cascais with the sea as his playground. That meant lots of time spent in the water doing whatever the conditions were good for.


No matter if it is windy, glassy, offshore or flat he is the one finding a good reason for going in the water. Whether it is surfing, windsurfing or spearfishing he is typically the last one out of the water. Despite his waterman spirit, windsurfing is Bernardo's legacy and strongest passion; especially when he does it in his local home spot: “Guincho Beach”.  Bernardo studied architecture, but with a strong philosophy of

self sufficiency, he learned to repair his own quiver at a young age. Soon that became his job.

This background gave him good manual skills, creativity, and lots of old accumulared equipment. Which left all the necessary tools to start this project.

Sarita Dinamita

She is the one behind marketing, brand and social media. She was born in Spain then moved to Cascais, where she developed her Portuguese soul. As an Energy and Enviromental Engenieer, her enviromental awarness and positive energy keep her passionate about this project. The “beachlife” has become her ideal life style. Altough kitesurfing was her first love, she can also be found surfing, paddle boarding or just swimming along the endless Atlantic Coast. 



The WindWallet project was born when Bernardo refused to get rid of his appreciated old windsurf sails; which were the result of many years riding the wildest winds and waves around the Atlantic Coast. Thus, he decided to give them a second life. A wallet looked like the best first attempt to upcycle one of his favourite old sails, while holding the memories of classic sessions close. Good friends loved it and soon a few more wallets were made, giving birth to the “windwallets”.

In 2018, the combination of a busy graveyard of old sails, kites, wetsuits and boards; together with inspiration given by friends over a few beers; left us motivated to create different products. It was then when "WindWallet" was officially born as a brand, maintaining the original name as a tribute to the very first root of the project.