Handmade products from recycled surf, windsurf and kitesurf gear.

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WindWallet is possible thanks to the people around us that support the project and constitute a part of our "family"..


The WindWallet family help us to keep on growing everyday, either if it is by spreading the WindWallet project all over the world; by donating old kites, wetsuits and sails to recycle; or by encouraging the project with a charismatic attitude.


Hans Pereira

Kitesurf instructor and extremely chill out soul.

Hans donated us his first and most appreciated old kite,  a North Evo 11m from 2012.

After failing a full power kiteloop, a big tear in Hans's kite made it perfect for recycling.

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Megan McElroy

Megan is an hollistic health coach and our beautiful model. 

She always finds the perfect balance between sport, health and beauty on her daily life style. 

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Ricardo Pacheco

Windsurfer and surfer Ricardo Pacheco is our model and part of our family.


He is always happy to help with his business strategy tips and we love to have him around!

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Sergi & Rocío

The restless couple.

Unable to be quiet for a second, they always find a good reason to be outdoors. You can easily find them kitesurfing, surfing, paddle boarding, canyoning, cycing, climbing or trekking around Tenerife Island.

Sergi donated us his old North Rebel 12m from 2007, which they already wear on his heart in form of a t-shirt.

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Laura Quiroga

Beautiful and strong woman, Laura leads one of the best known kitesurf schools in Cascais: Kitesurf Adventures. 

Owining a kite school means lots of damaged kites at the end of the lessons season ready to be recycled.

She donated us a colourful Mormaii Vulcanus 2009 7m, which was used to create our more feminine designs.

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Robin Leyden

This 12 years old kiddo is all about passion for kiteboarding. 


He lifes the search of the perfect wind around the Belgian coast, where he is native. 

Because we love his young talent and attitude, we decided to invite him to be part of this family.

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Donate us your old quiver, join the family and get a free handmade product made from your old adventure buddy.